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Support for Individualized Diagnostic and Therapy

The Indivumed-Foundation aims to bolster the elementary factors necessary for the research and development of individualized cancer therapies. The Indivumed-Foundation is a special European-US initiative with the ultimate goal to cure cancer and, thereby solve one of the major health problems in the world. Its board comprises world-renowned representatives of basic science, translational research, focused philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.

The initial capital of the Indivumed-Foundation has been provided by Indivumed GmbH based on donations in remembrance of Stefan Schorbach from Hamburg, Germany, who died of colon cancer.

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The goal of the Indivumed-Foundation is to pave the way for individualized medicine and to make it available for all cancer patients.

Scientific background

Cancer research has made impressive progress during the last decades: dramatic improvements in molecular biology have led to a better understanding of what makes cancers “tick”; new anti-cancer agents are being developed at an unprecedented pace; new technologies allow us to measure the many disease variables quickly and accurately; and improvements in bioinformatics enable the thorough analysis of the resulting data sets.

We therefore know by now that there is no standard cancer treatment
– each cancer is different and needs to be treated individually!

This fundamental insight provides the basis for individualized medicine, the only way forward in the quest to cure cancer.

Indivumed is an integrated oncology company leveraging its leading oncology biorepository expertise with its pre-clinical, clinical and diagnostic laboratory expertise aiming to develop individualized cancer therapies. Find out more about Indivumed: Indivumed Website.

IndivuTest GmbH: a science-based analytical laboratory for individualized cancer therapies. Find out more! IndivuTest Website.

Sysmex Inostics is a former affiliate of Indivumed (sold to Sysmex in October 2013). The company´s goal is to offer state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic tools for the non-invasive detection and monitoring of tumors in blood samples to improve cancer drug development and standard patient management.

The core competency of Sysmex Inostics is centered on the detection of genetic changes, such as somatic mutations, in a patient’s blood or tissue.

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